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SVL Floor Strips smoked
SVL Floor Strips
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S|V|L - Floor Strips (Oregon Pine)

That S|V|L would become a floor, was absolutely clear to us right from the outset, however, due to lack of capacity the idea was put back ad acta for some time until it was revived as a material again by innovative and very open minded architects.

S|V|L floor is laid as wood block parquet. Since it is extremely accurate to size, no machining is necessary before it is laid. Gluing is by means of the usual trade parquet glues and the surfaces are varnished, oiled and/or waxed depending on requirements.

S|V|L floor is tread fast and wear resistant and absorbs footstep sound to a very great extent. Although the Oregon Pine species of wood is a softwood that is in no way really dense, S|V|L floor has an extremely hard surface because of the layers of timber involved but also as a result of the hardening effect of the glue.

Upright length wise glued veneer layers
Thickness of veneer layers approx. 2.5 mm
The way of lamination into one direction generates favorable swelling & shrinking behaviour

Wood Species:
Douglas Fir (Oregon Pine) (lat. Pseudotsuga Menziesii)

Boil- and waterproof

D3/D4 for interior purposes

Glued onto substrate
Can be varnished, oiled or waxed

Available Sizes:
10 x 55 x 600 mm

With regular woodworking tools

SVL Floor Strips:
fumed by Mehling & Wiesmann/Lohr, incl. concluding vacuum-extraction system