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Designed for the Palais Stoclet
Chandelier, also used by Hoffman at the Hohe Warte buildings Brauner and Hochstaetter 1905-07; Salon Beer-Hofmann 1905/06 Mak Inv Nr 103/WWV

H: 80 cm (31.50 inch)
ø: 50 cm (19.69 inch)
Weight: 40 kg
max: 16 x 60W

brass or brass nickel plated
Glass beads, fire polished

Production: handmade reproductions

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Simon Keane-Cowell


You can never have enough of a good thing, so they say. But lovers of iconic lamps from the early 20th century were for decades deprived of the possibility of owning some of the most striking luminary pieces by the Wiener Werkstätte and the Bauhaus,