At the Orgatec 2008 WINI presented for the first time an own, multifunctional and acoustically highly effective office wall system named WINEA FORMAT. Besides a fast and simple room structuring and an optimal acoustic protection, this system offers at the same time a perfect working organisation by multi-functional connecting possibilities.

The modular wall system of WINI was especially developed to be used in open office forms: Depending on the requirements and to the benefit of an efficient occupation of space, WINEA FORMAT structures large rooms, creates optical and acoustic separations between work stations and offers its user various design and organisational possibilities. Thereby WINEA FORMAT may be used both as free-standing partition wall and near-to-job organisational wall being installed directly at the writing desk.

The „supporting element “ of WINEA FORMAT is a stable frame construction of aluminium extruded sections: At the here embedded slotted rails you can fix horizontal organisation bars, shelf trays, a folding cable channel and an adapter for the installation. The double-sided integrable organisation bars offer additionally connecting possibilities for document trays, pencil trays, lamps and support arms for screens - everything within the practicable range of the user. All organisational modules of WINEA FORMAT being presented at the Fair may be ordered - as well as further equipment elements for your office - from now directly at WINI. (The scope of delivery please take from our new production brochure WINI Organisation .)

For an individual designing of WINEA FORMAT we offer to your selection rectangular and diagonal elements in various heights and widths, various colours for cover materials, glass elements and three foot variants (adjustable foot with heat-adjustment screw, disc foot and arm). Special coupling profiles allow besides the linear connection also stable angular positions of in 90°, 120° and 135° as well as linkages in a freely selectable angle.

With its filling of 54 mm thick sound-absorbing material, the office wall WINEA FORMAT also fulfils the sound-absorption class B and provides thus an optimal room acoustic and undisturbed working.