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Winea Flow
Winea Flow
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The black rounded corner, that is serving as an aesthetic, intuitively operable control panel, is the eye-catching element of WINEA FLOW. Always present in the user's field of vision and reduced to the essential features, it leads to a more frequent use of the desk. The movement is translated to the panel one to one, lifting the control panel actuates the upwards movement, pressing it down, the desk follows. Thanks to a high speed motor-operated height adjustment, WINEA FLOW is twice as fast the standard height adjustment. An integrated rail can incorporate flat screen support arms, panels, lamps and other accessories. Shown here is a height adjustable panel from WINEA SONIC.

WINEA FLOW excels with a straight design and technical innovation. The black rounded corner is a smart operator panel. It blends perfectly into the desktop, is intuitively operable, is always present in field of vision, inviting to a more frequent change of posture.

Another of WINEA FLOW's design highlights is the lifting cable channel. It lifts and lowers synchronously with the sliding desktop movement. The easy access to the cable channel offers an ergonomic and clearly laid out power and data management .

For personal storage room WINEA TOOLZS is the perfect solution. It is a compact and cleverly designed product which provides a space for all personal objects in the office. Keys, purses, documents, bags or clothes - everything can be neatly stowed away. The small boxes, optionally available with locks, are installed directly underneath the desktop and can be flexibly combined with each other. They can be upgraded with a textile storage tray which is big enough for bicycle helmets or handbags.

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