TAVONA by WINI: Ergonomic office lamp for stand-sit workplaces

The TAVONA by WINI is an ergonomic LED office lamp designed specially to be used in combination with height-adjustable stand-sit workplaces. The workplace lamp is the first one to generate a direct, functional connection between the workplace and workplace lighting: via an integrated distance and height sensor, TAVONA by WINI is automatically regulated so that the light cast on the table surface remains constant – no matter which height the table is adjusted to.

At the same time, the lamp strength can be set via an integrated touch panel to suit your needs, to a maximum of 500 lux. Indirect lighting with LED spot modules shining upwards, and also a 750 lux spot with an illuminated area of 60 x 60 cm can be switched on separately in addition. WINI’s office lamp can also be delivered with an optional daylight sensor which regulates the light strength of the indirect lighting, depending on the amount of daylight available. At the same time, the lamp head can both be extended and flexibly turned and swivelled, which means that one can choose where to position the lamp – either at the head end or the long side of the workplace.

For the interior to make an overall harmonious impression, TAVONA was adapted in its construction and look to WINI’s furniture systems. Thus the measurements and height grid of the lamp stand correspond to the manufacturer’s current table, cabinet and wall systems.

LED workplace lamp: max. 500 lux; can be dimmed manually
LED spot: max. 750 lux; can be activated in addition; spot area: 60 x 60 cm with angle of light beam < 10°
Colour of LED light: 4,000 K
Colour-rendering index: R > 80
Max. power input: 30 W
Mains supply: 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Size: L/W/H: approx. 80/80/230 cm
Weight: approx. 15 kg
Touch panel screen: Direct light – ON/OFF | Direct light – DIM | Spot – ON/OFF | Share of indirect light – ON/OFF
Optional functions: Daylight sensor, 2-head version, stand construction for connection to workstation