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Wherever the focus is on reduced detail and modern design, butt-hinged door leaves in flush frames have long since become established, both in the private and in the commercial or public property sector.

KONTURA is also characterized by the fact that no frame is visible and the door visually merges with the wall. KONTURA is available in two variants: a special feature is that in both the pushing and pulling variants, the lintel height is visually on one line.

KONTURA consists of an extruded and subsequently primed aluminum profile. The swing door system is designed for doors with a thickness of 40 mm.

It can be installed in drywall from an end wall thickness of 100 mm. Each element is easily adjustable to all wall thicknesses.

The milling for the internal hinges and the strike plate are already carried out in the factory.

To make it easy to carry out exact positioning on the building site, each frame kit includes assembly aids. The innovative plug-in connections of the frame components save a lot of time during assembly.

- for drywall, wood studs & brickwork
- invisible aluminum frame
- wall-flush appearance
- no visible rebate edge
- numerous designs possible
- effortless installation
- Comfort accessories: magnetic latch lock; concealed hinges; retractable damper

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Now you see it, now you don’t. Sliding-door specialist Wingburg’s in-wall systems offer architects smart solutions for optimising space on projects with compact floor plans.