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Travis is the epitome of customized design with a timeless appeal that combines technical functionality and first class quality.

Spans of up to three metres make generous-sized tables with as few table legs as possible. This creates an uncluttered look and allows flexibility in the number of seating places around the table. The floor is also easier to clean.

The modular frame is an articulating structure of columns, beams and tabletop bearers that can be flexibly positioned. Whether open-centred, closed, round, oval, barrel or boat-shaped, or square at any angle, Travis offers the right shape for virtually any room. – Even sizeable media equipment can be fitted into the frame. The tables have special cable channels, adapted to the lengths of the beams and linking angles. As a result, media technology, transformers and leads can be integrated into table systems, with ease of access, functionality and appearance maintained.

Travis height-adjustable
Lack of physical activity in offices is considered the main reason for back pain, headaches, fatigue and other complaints in the modern world. At desks or in conference rooms - the majority of office work is sedentary. Which is why, in addition to dynamic seating, alternating between standing and sitting is becoming increasingly important. Getting up and standing for a time while working pays dividends. Especially when your body's seized up and your creative powers are stalling. And the same applies the other way round too. If meetings at high tables drag on, sitting down in between helps take the pressure off.

Consequently, the standalone tables (71-118 cm) with electrically height-adjustable frames perfectly complement the impressive Travis conference table system. The rectangular shapes (90x180 cm, 100x 200 cm) are ideal as desks or as conference tables. And a sitting-down meeting with eight people at the barrel-shaped table (80/100x230 cm) can quickly become a standing-up one.