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Transportable. Space-saving. Fascinating.
Combing brains and beauty produces fascinating solutions that quickly pay for themselves. Designer Andreas Störiko created Timetable for Wilkhahn and added a new dimension to the concept of high-quality conference areas. In just one simple step, the tabletop can be tipped up and the foot section with lockable castors turned inwards fully automatically at the same time. As a result, the tables are not just easy to move from room to room, but can also be very compactly stacked into one another.

Their intuitive handling, high quality and smart appeal are ideal for dynamic conference areas and save both space and time. After all, furnishing costs are often just a fraction of the room and facility management costs. Anyone investing in intelligent, quality solutions can save a lot of money in the long run.

Width: 1400 mm – 2250 mm
Height: 730 mm
Depth: 600 mm – 800 mm

Timetable Shift:
Timetable Shift combines Timetable’s swivel-tabletop principle with the frame design of the established Logon conference table range. The signature uprights are topped out by a high-precision aluminium casting. Its dual function provides a stable bearer for larger tabletop sizes and a shoe for a spacious cable channel for connecting the table and multimedia equipment to the power supply. Substantial hinges allow wide surfaces to be safely tilted and an easy-to-use draw rod locks the tabletop horizontally or vertically. Specifiable in increments of five centimetres, formats of 150 to 210 centimetres in width and from 75 to 105 centimetres in depth are available to suit customer preferences. The applications are therefore limitless, from temporary work spaces, to tables for meetings or as conferencing systems. And what’s more, Timetable Shift offers seamless solutions on demand by combining static Logon tables in suites that are sub-divided by folding partitions, extracting optimal performance from high-value communication-oriented space.

In a horizontal position, it is virtually identical to Logon. In a vertical position, the stackable Timetable Shift fully expresses its capability. The centre aluminium profile acts as an integrated cable channel that is easily accessible via a single table portal.

Flexible room usage concept: conference and project rooms can be flexibly, effectively and efficiently used with the table range by Andreas Störiko. This saves on additional spaces and cuts facility management costs drastically.

Timetable Smart:
The Timetable Smart follows the Timetable principle and taps into another application: transportable and dynamic furnishing of multi-purpose areas, such as versatile training rooms, project offices, canteens or meeting places. We only use tabletops made of tough boards (150 x 75 cm (59" x 291/2")) coated with melamine resin with plastic lipping in the same colour. The frame has an extremely hardwearing swivel mechanism (which does not cause the foot section to rotate) with integral storage buffer. The table top is locked both horizontally and vertically. The locking mechanism is released by simply pulling out the horizontal draw rod and pivoting the table along its horizontal axis. The wide frame with less of the table pro truding at the sides, gives two chairs enough space between the foot sections, so that the table offers enough legroom for four people sitting opposite one another.

Another bonus is that the table’s stable design allows sophisticated power supply solutions – either as standby options for temporary work spaces, or with permanently integrated multi-media technology, as a flexible facility for conference and training areas.

Width: 1500 mm
Height: 730 mm
Depth: 750 mm