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basic S cupboard booths | phone booth
basic S cupboard booths
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Room in room-Telephone booths >
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Room in room-Telephone booths >
Sound absorpti...-Sound absorbing furniture >

Product description

The table top in the phone booth is mounted at standing height. The coat hook is optional.

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The multifunctional booths from werner works multiply the options for using the interior of the cupboard. Different furnishing options in the design of the cupboard bodies 'phone booth, think tank or also different variants of the beach chair' offer an acoustically shielded place for undisturbed activities in open-plan offices. The completely upholstered interior of the cupboard offers space for undisturbed work or telephone calls, or as a sitting booth to relax in. Tailored in height and depth to the standard range of the basic S - cupboards, all cupboard and shelf elements can be combined with each other. Sliding rails can be adapted in front of the body to allow the use of large sliding doors. This means that the cabinet system can be individually adapted to the user’s requirements and simultaneously performs several functions in the office - for use as storage and as a place of retreat.