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A wholly new concept in wallcoverings, Enduit — French for “plaster” — is the first of its kind. Made from a proprietary, flexible plaster sculpted on an environmentally sound paper surface, Enduit is the ultimate in bespoke decor: sold uncolored, these wallcoverings allow the end user to paint them to enhance any color scheme.

With this unrestricted finishing palette, Enduit is the first wallcovering to truly allow the designer and homeowner to become part of the product’s creative process itself, as they create their very own signature product — the essence of true luxury.

Six beautiful designs compose the Enduit collection: Acanthus; Arabesque; Bandlet; Cartouche; Cavetto; and Palmette. All of the patterns are Class-A certified and are suitable for residential, retail and hospitality applications where an unusual, high-end look is sought.

Evocative of the sun, the scrolled circles of Cartouche imbue a space with positivity and lightness.

Minimum order: 6 yards
Sold in: 6-yard increments
Width: 46 inches trimmed
Approximate repeat: 45 inches
Content: 60% pulp, 40% marble paste.
Class A

Unique paintable plastered papers.
Coordinating plain paper base is available upon request.

Paste should be applied to the wall making sure to have enough paste for the edges. Trim edges so design motif side matches. Trim dry and butt up. Use a new blade for each cut. Do not crease the paper as it will show. If you choose to paint the wallcovering, make sure it is completely dry and use quality paint. Handle wallcovering with care during installation. Base paper becomes fragile when paste is applied.

Please wipe with clean damp cloth. DO NOT RUB. Normal, regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment may be used to remove dust deposits.

During installation, try to line up the seams as best as possible at eye level and allow the tops and bottoms of wallcovering to shift if necessary. A wallpaper brush works to place the paper first then as needed use roller to ensure contact. Not guaranteed against fading or color change. Avoid direct or brilliantly reflected sunlight.