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Klassiker Umbrella 350
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Our umbrella frames are made of solid wood. The surface is impregnated to protect and preserve it. The canvas for our covers is made of reinforced half-cotton fabric (50% polyester, 50% cotton) or DOLAN® (100% acrylic fabric); an air vent is generally included. These fabrics are waterrepellent and have been impregnated with a finish that will inhibit mold formation. However, this does not guarantee total water impermeability under prolonged exposure to rain.

Each umbrella can also be provided with a surrounding apron, making it possible to add tarpaulins (side panels) reaching down to the floor. Connecting those along their sides transforms the umbrella into a closed pavilion. Individual tarpaulins can also be used for protection against sun, to provide privacy or to serve as advertising space. Using bases or in combination with umbrellas tables, our umbrellas can be adapted to suit local conditions or personal preferences by shortening the pole. Some umbrella models can also be equipped with a Tilt Mechanism. We carry a full line of replacement covers as well as all other umbrella components (upon request).