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NOHrD Wall Oak
NOHrD Wall
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Product description

Adaptable design
The NOHrD Wall can be adapted to meet any customer demands. All modules are freely combinable to suit your needs. We welcome the opportunity to work together, to determine the suitable combination, following any parameters of available space, demands and possibilities. We will accompany your project in all phases from design, development, to completion.

The measurements of the NOHrD Wall are 110" (width) x 95" (height) and 13,7" (depth). Although it is possible to change the width of the WallBars and storage components.

Product variants


Fitness of a new dimension
The NOHrD Wall - select from up to 5 modules for both shorter, high-intensive interval training sessions, as well as a combination of various functional workouts. The NOHrD Wall guarantees a wide range of exercise possibilities within minimal required space. Designed as a fitness solution, the NOHrD Wall is ideal for the private individual outfitting a home studio, hotels wanting to provide exclusive workout possibilities in their rooms, or professional fitness experts.

A complete exercise station with an integrated, virtual coach
All elements of the NOHrD Wall are the result of highest quality design and technical know-how - thoroughly studied and developed in every detail. The main feature is its virtual training system, an interactive, digital Coach able to combine all modules of the NOHrD Wall to lead the user through structured workouts. For a basic configuration of the NOHrD Wall, both cable machine versions are recommended, following our SlimBeam and WaterWorkx resistance systems.
Version 1: a cable system using water resistance, the integrated turbine provides for joint-friendly and fluid movement
Version 2: Individual, rubberized weight plates challenge your muscles with each exercise

By implementing both cable systems, the NOHrD Wall guarantees a wide range of highly effective, functional workouts and exercise sessions.
In addition, the NOHrD Wall exercise range can be expanded by further, optional components: The SwingBell set fits into the main section, while the WallBar module is ideal for stretching exercise. Further options can include drawers, as well as a safe or mini-bar for refreshments.