Product description

Article No.: 131F11111 Colour: blasted aluminium
Article No.: 131F12004 Colour: pure orange
Article No.: 131F19005 Colour: jet black
Article No.: 131F11018 Colour: zink yellow
Article No.: 131F11001 Colour: beige
Article No.: 131F13020 Colour: traffic red
Article No.: 131F15003 Colour: sapphire blue
Article No.: 131F16010 Colour: grass green
Article No.: 131F18014 Colour: sepia brown
Article No.: 131F19016 Colour: traffic white


While Wästberg is a forward-thinking manufacturer of high-tech lighting, a pendant lamp is a very old concept. Therefore, designing a new pendant lamp for Wästberg means bridging the past with the present. Firstly, the w131 is a surprisingly small lamp. However, it still lights up well and is extremely versatile when it comes to usage. Secondly, the lamp gives a soft and friendly impression, the textile cord further adding softness. Sand-cast recycled aluminium is both beautiful and environmentally sound. Any imperfections of the metal are meant to be there. We will use this lamp both at home and by contract.

The light is dimmable on an external dimmer.

Recycled aluminum:
Sand-cast recycled aluminium both gives the lamp a beautiful rough feeling and is environmentally sound.

Single or cluster Suspension:
The pendant can be suspended as a single lamp or in a cluster of multiple lamps.

Colours: blasted aluminium, beige, sepia brown, pure orange, traffic red, traffic white, jet black, grass green, zink yellow, sapphire blue

Claesson Koivisto Rune w131 is made of sand-casted recycled aluminium.

TechnIcal InformatIon:
Light source: GU10 socket
Light source excluded
Max 35 W