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w103 sempé s2
w103 sempé
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Product description

3m cable and wire · Steel ceiling attachments with wire gliders included, ceiling rose included.

Rail mounting: Any number of shades and any combination of the seven single shade colours, can be mounted onto a black or white straight rail. Two or three black shades on a black rail and two or three white shades on a white rail are available as standard articles. Various colour combinations and amounts of shades are available, made to order.

Lenght: 280 mm
Width: 730 mm
Height: 135 mm

Article No.: 103S21013 Colour: oyster white
Article No.: 103S21013 Colour: deep black
Article No.: 103S20000 Colour: various
(Various colour combinations available, made to order)

Product family


A Sempé w103 pendant lamp can be a single hanging shade or a combination of shades. They can be attached on a long rail for lin- ear combinations or on smaller rails, where they can be joined to- gether like Meccano to create polygons. The rail structure is thin enough to avoid the feeling of a heavy, hanging structure, and the lines are also softened by the round shapes of the shades. These exist in 7 very different tones – bright, soft, clear, dark – and can be arranged in any colour combination.

Two elements of the w103 range table lamp are used in the suspended lamps: the shade is identical and the hook of the clamp is moved to the top of the shade. This then becomes the assembly piece of all the various shade combinations.

Sempé W103b / W103c:
Warm white led with optical lens: The light technology is based on an energy-efficient, high quality, LED solution which gives a warm white light.
Glare-protecting reflector construction: The shade acts both as glare-protection and as a reflector. The light is projected into the shade giving a smoothly and pleasant indirect light.
Multiple mounting options: The fixture can be mounted in three different positions / angles on the base. The three different mounting positions / angles are as well available on the clamp version.
Adjustable shade: The shade can be adjusted 166° (+ / - 83 degrees) around its horizontal axis.
Handle: The rotation mechanism, the spring- balanced arm and the adjustable shade are smoothly operated by the handle.
Timer function: A built-in timer automatically turns the lamp off after five hours.

Colours: beige red, deep black
Material: The Sempé w103b/ w103c shade is manufactured from aluminium and mounted on a steel arm. The base is made of cast iron whilst the clamp is made of steel.
TechnIcal InformatIon: Light source: 8 W LED, Light source included, Colour temperature: 3.000 K CRI: > 93, Lumen: 600, Lumen/ W: 75, LED Life-time: 50.000 h

Sempé W103s:
Warm white led: The light technology is based on a highly energy-efficent, high quality, LED solution which gives a warm white light.
Glare-protecting shade and diffuser: The shade protects from glare while the diffuser gives an evenly distributed light.
Dimmable: Each shade has an integrated, dimmable, electronic driver that enables dimming from an external dimmer. For example a wall dimmer.
Coloured inside: Using LEDs to project the light directly downwards, the shade is not used as areflector. This gives the option of painting the inside of the shade in the same colour as the outside, without destroying the quality of the light outside. The result is a beautiful and at the sametime, playful effect as a small amount of light lights up the coloured inside of the shade.

Colours: oyster white, sulfur yellow, beige red, coral red, coral red, silver grey, deep black
Material: The Sempé w103s shade is manufactured from steel. The hook for rail mounting is made of aluminium while and he rail is extruded in aluminium.
TechnIcal InformatIon: Light source: 6 W LED, Light source included Colour temperature: 3.000 K CRI: > 93, Lumen: 700, Lumen / W: 93, LED Life time: 50.000 h