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Rif was inspired by the designers’ journey to the northern region of Morocco, fascinated by the colors and history of small villages set in the mountains. A contamination that created the shape of the rug with the interlocking colors, contrasting but harmoniously in balance, and the rough and precious fibers, tencel, linen and new zealand wool, that coexist in a single surface.

Technical information
Quality: Handknotted, Tencel, linen and New Zealand wool.
Dimensions: cm 220 x 330. Available in custom sizes.
Pile height: 10 mm approx.
Weight: 5,0 Kg/sqm approx.

RF | 01 natural linen, mustard,cobalt blue
RF | 02 burgundy,burgundy,blush pink,natural linen
RF | 03 mustard, ocher, natural linen, light blue

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The knotting technique is a completely manual method, by which the yarn is firmly attached to the warp by knots. The type of knot and its thickness differentiate the types of rugs made with this elaborate manual method. The value, quality and durability of the rug are directly proportional to the number of knots employed.
The hand knotting allows for complex designs, its main characteristics are meticulous workmanship, the high number of knots per square metre and the wide range of colour combinations.
Indotibetan hand knotting technique is particular, brought to India by Tibetan refugees, while the “sumak” knotting technique has Persian origins.