George cantilever
The cantilever is a classic in the world of relaxed sitting. Add minimised top-quality upholstery with a fine upholstered pad on top to the lavish comfort of the flowing lines of the tubular base and you have seating as a perfect art form. George brings special comfort to sitting at table. Quiet elegance and understatement for aesthetes. Particular attention was paid to the leather-covered armrests. The masterly detail of the parallel stitching of the hand-sewn seam is eye-catching. A sign of true craftsmanship. Soft and pleasant to touch. The new variant of the cantilever model with the classical touch does without the upholstered pad – a master of reduction: minimalist, lightweight, stackable. With leather-covered or top-grade synthetic armrest.

George Lounge
Elaborate details distinguish George Lounge. The parallel-stitching of the hand-sewn seam accentuates the leather-covered armrests. Precise and special. The interaction of soft, generous cushions and a cool chrome framework creates both contrast and harmony at the same time. Together, they are intensified to present an image of timeless elegance and ensure the particular comfort of the cantilever model. With a high or low backrest, with or without a footstool, an invitation to sit back and enjoy.