Key facts



With our translucent insulation material TIMax GL, U-profiled glass facades can be economically adapted to the modern requirements of room climate, lighting and energy efficiency.

TIMax GL is a translucent glass fibre insulation material, which enhances the heat insulation (U-value) of U-profiled glass facades. It scatters incoming light nicely and fills the space between the double glazing unit completely. TIMax GL additionally offers sun protection, because it reduces solar heat penetrating the window in the summer.

TIMax GL is both, translucent and light scattering. Due to the effect of scattering light even deep rooms can be illuminated evenly, without blending and shading. TIMax GL is UV-stable, temperature resistant up to 100°C and insensitive against humidity. It is easy to install.

TIMax GL-PlusF

TIMax GL-PlusF is an advanced version of the translucent insulation material TIMax GL and is often used, when there are higher demands for heat insulation.
In comparison to the standard material TIMax GL the translucent insulation material TIMax GL-PlusF has a higher density. It is more compressed in the double glazing unit, resulting in an optimal heat insulation (U-value) and improved sun protection (lower g-value).

Because of the higher density the light transmission of TIMax GL-PlusF is lower than the light transmission of TIMax GL.