Product description

45 x 45 cm
44,3 x 44,3 cm
60 x 60 cm
59,3 x 59,3 cm
EXTRA SHINE product. It is recomended for residential use, with light pedestrial transit. Surface need to be protected during the instalation and it is very important to keep a careful maintenance.

Product family


Titan, the marble elegance that last on time
Vives presents the Titan collection, where style and functionality is represented by seventeen marbles, perfect for floor tiles.
A classic element comes back with a contemporaneous elegance, representing the majesty of a splendorous past and the avant-garde of a coming future.

Marble is the perfect option to create a fresh and light atmosphere which will be intensified when combined with white colour. This versatile material is able to create several combinations that can be adapted to any taste, in order to achieve an original, personal and unique style.

Marble, sophisticated and beautiful, has become the main element in the avant-garde and minimalist styles. Titan collection is available in different options: seventeen colours with different finish for pavement in sizes 45x45cm, 60x60cm y 45x90cm (44,3x44,3cm, 59,3x59,3cm y44,3x89,3cm rectified).

To complete Titan collection, there are special pieces as Tira and Taco, Boomerang or compositions as Comodo and Orante. This complements will create unique and daring settings.