Kent | Minety Grafito

Ceramic tiles from VIVES Cerámica

Product description

20 x 50 cm
25 x 75 cm
32 x 99 cm


Kent is the new Wall tile series in matte finish that conveys a contemporary style with touches of tradition. The same design concept expressed in two different philosophies, cotto and cement, perfectly responding to market needs. As a result, it is available in a wide colour range (Arena, Beige y Natural, y Nieve, Gris and Grafito) and in a variety of formats (20x50 cm., 25x75 cm. and 32x99 cm. rectified) that significantly enrich this collection. Kent is the centerpiece of the series. With its matte finish and soft texture, Kent spontaneously transmits sensitivity to space in all its versions. Minety is an elegant design with geometric relief that transmit subtlety and class. It is able to convey warmth and vanguard characteristics depending on its colour range and makes subtle shades on walls thanks to the way it plays with the light. As bright ideas are born from the simplest of details, Firle is a model of different designs made from chalk that gets an innovative and daring effect on the surfaces making it perfect for those willing to be different. Lynton (In Multicolor y Sombra version) is a patchwork design formed by small destonified patterns in harmonic tones that transform the room and reconcile tradition and modernity. Corwen delicate designs produce relaxing spaces. A monocolor piece with an attractive ethnic style that blends serenity and precision. Ebony, is an interesting decorative tile with gloss bearing over matt giving an elegant effect both to the touch and to the sight. Finally Stroud-R, available in 32x99 cm and rectified, has a soft relief full of personality thanks to the way it plays with the shadows that are projected.
Manufacturer VIVES Cerámica
Family Kent
Architonic ID 1426964
Year of Launch 2016

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