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Kalos Rosa
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Product description

25 x 75 cm


Geometric and repetitive designs in the Caleidoscopio series.

Caleidoscopio is a 25x75cm wall tile. This new size has been developed to get better finishes on the wall decoration.

Thanks to its size and its horizontal pieces, it is possible to get more continuity in the compositions. This new format is ideal for up-to-date designs.

As its name suggests, the tiles in this collection remind geometric images, with compositions and repetitive motives, like the ones that appear when looking through a kaleidoscope.

A pop and lively style is achieved. This is one of the latest trends that have appeared not only in wall tiles , but also in furniture, art and even clothes.

Caleidoscopio brings joy to your house and yourself. It is perfect for bathroom tiles, adding a touch of colour to a sober bathroom. The most attractive model is the Scopio (Arena, Beige, Celeste or Rosa), With its raising circles creates a repetitive flowered motif that will fill your home with vitality.

These series are available in four ranges of colours: gris, ocre, azul and rosa, that become eight colours: Arena, Siena, Beige, Lima, Celeste, Azul, Rosa and Fresa. The different models, 16 in total, together with the Blanco model, create different compositions and shapes. The serie becomes completed with special pieces in order to get unique kaleidoscopic compositions.