Product description

30 x 60 cm
60 x 120 cm (59,3 X 119,3 cm)
The EXEDRA series tries to represent faithfully the texture and colour of the natural stone, achieving a sensation of realism and nature in its purest form.
Different tonalities are combined in the same box.

Product family


Exedra represents the power of Vives big size in 60 x 120 cm. An XXL porcelain tile, with an attractive looking similar to natural stone.

Vives Azulejos y Gres has introduced its new big size with a series distinguished for its natural design. The mentioned XXL product has a unique style in big dimensions.

Exedra shows in an exceptional way the elegance and exclusivity of the natural stone. A selective product able to represent the abstraction of the environment in your settings.

Moreover, its size in 60 x 120 cm., also available in 30 x 60 cm., offers endless design possibilities. It is suitable for both walls and floors and able to create selective interior settings. Thanks to its porcelain qualities, it can be used as well in outdoor settings. By using Exedra in ventilated façades, we obtain an original and distinguished architectonic style perfectly integrated in nature.

The series presents different tonalities and is characterized for being alternative and shaded. Therefore, by using it, we can create an harmonic and natural result representing faithfully the stone looking. It offers the possibility to create an innovative and elegant architectonic setting.

Exedra has a vast range of different designs and these are randomly boxed.