Product description

60 x 120 cm (59,3 x 119,3 cm)

Product family


Civic, the architectural design

Civic, the new Vives Azulejos y Gres porcelain series, represents the last trends in the most avant-garde design thanks to its texture and looking similar to concrete. It is an XXL size, 60x120 semipolished and rectified porcelain tile, an essential element for architectural design.
From ancient times, concrete has been used as a building material. Thanks to its durability and stability it is perfect for architectural design. Nowadays, we can find it in many spaces, not just as a simple building element. It also has different applications for both floor and wall tile in several projects. Taking into consideration these advantages, Vives Azulejos y Gres has created the 60x120 cm, rectified and semipolished Civic series.
Civic is available in grafito, antracita and marengo colours, a smart combination of colour, texture and finishing focused in the most avant-garde design trends.
Its main feature is the texture that provides this series with a faithful concrete looking and surface. This makes it suitable for several architectural applications as ventilated façades and interior design.

Civic, widening its horizons.

Due to its success, VIVES has expanded the 60x120 Civic collection and launches a new size to give its clients greater esthetical as well as installation possibilities.
With its resistant, hard and stable appearance, it has proved to be very successful in the architectural sector giving designers around the world a wide range of possibilities whether it be for wall or flooring. Its versatility, has now become even greater with the new 60x60 size and with a mat finish.
Thanks to VIVES’ endeavour for continuous improvement, technical challenges with this new format were overcome to produce a tile that transmits strength and purity through both its texture and visual impact. This gives fresh opportunities and possibilities to architects and designers whether it be for exteriors such as facades or interiors.
Civic is available in three colours: Grafito, Antracita and Marengo each combining colour, texture and finishes to help produce a vanguard design to any setting.