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Ceramic tiles from VIVES Cerámica

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60 x 60 cm (59,3 x 59,3 cm)


Bunker, industrial and vintage styles.

Surfaces and textures worn down by time reinventing themselves and taking on a new life. Bunker is Vives’ latest collection. Comprising of different products, it follows a tendency which is becoming more and more talked about named Dirty Chic. A fusion between the already established industrial and vintage styles, aesthetically it is based on different materials including cement, concrete, iron, stone, wood and brick. It takes on the appearance of surfaces and textures worn down by time reinventing themselves and taking on a new life.

Integrating varied decorative elements, vanguard areas are born whilst preserving a decadent and cosy feel bringing an emotive and melancholy element capable of bringing back memories of times gone by. The magic of this type of decoration comes from the fusion between the past and the present making the new look more brilliant and the old and worn cosy and familiar. Recycling and drawing on inspiration something the fashion world has done for some time, has now arrived to the world of the interior design and decoration.

VIVES has invested in this new collection with it comprising of materials and elements so diverse as moulded concrete (Bunker), cement (Cerco), rusted steel (Amarre), aged and worn timber (Yugo), stone (Muro) and mud (Cob). Its diverse sizes ranging from the XXL 60x120 cm, to 45x90 cm, 14x90 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm and 20x60 cm. The wall tiles named ZOCLO available in 20x50cm come with the same textures that are reproduced by its older sister: Cimbra, Cercha, Escala, and Har together with the decorative murals named Buril and Vano.
Manufacturer VIVES Cerámica
Family Bunker
Architonic ID 1205594

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