Product description

30 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm


Architecture is the union of several modifications introduced in the terrestrial surface in order to satisfy human necessities.VIVES presents Arquinia, a series which tries to cover architects and other professionals on this field main decorative necessities. For this new series, VIVES has employed coloured porcelain to achieve a faithful reflection of industrial concrete, a material getting more supported every day thanks to its different finishes and textures.

Regarding concrete, we used to identify it with the grey suburb buildings or the impersonal urban pavements; images outside fantasy. Fortunately the designers and companies creativity has been used to change this popular element into an original product adapted to all tastes and uses.

Interior design offers solutions which cover the expectations of the customers. According to this, ceramic products have become one of the elements used to cover our constructive and decorative needs.

Arquinia series comes in two sizes, 60x60 (glazed) and 59,3x59,3 ( rectified glazed), 30x60 (glazed) and 30x30 mosaics (glazed). We can also emphasize its wide chromatic range including the warm colours Sand, Bone, and Musgo and the cold colours Grafito, Antracita, and Gris Cemento.