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HeadLine Management Chair
HeadLine Management Chair
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HeadLine Management Chair is a sophisticated, distinguished version of HeadLine with fine leather upholstery. It responds to the ergonomic demands of today's computer-oriented workplaces by not only providing optimal support in the lumbar zone, but also extending it to the previously neglected areas of the shoulders, neck and head.

In an upright sitting position, the head is naturally balanced on the spinal column. However, when the sitter alters this position—thereby changing the parameters of a chair's supportive functions—the inevitable result is muscle strain in the neck and shoulders. A conventional office chair has a contoured backrest with a curve in the lumbar zone to support the sitter's torso. In the reclined position, however, the head is no longer aligned with the spine, forcing the shoulder and neck muscles to bear its weight. This results in strain and tension.

HeadLine Management Chair solves this problem: The flexible, elongated backrest is suspended from the frame at the critical points of the lower back and neck by means of articulated joints. In the upright position, most of the supportive function is focused on the lumbar zone. When the sitter leans back, the shoulders sink into the back panel and the upper backrest extension tilts forward to support the head. This prevents muscle strain in the neck and shoulder areas. Contrary to conventional office chairs, in which users find themselves gazing at the ceiling in the reclined position, Headline maintains a horizontal line of sight with the sitter's eyes directed toward the computer monitor.

HeadLine Management Chair is upholstered in high-quality leather. Fine perforations in the leather cover ensure that seating comfort is maintained even over prolonged periods of use.

The enduring quality of HeadLine is guaranteed by its superior design, materials and workmanship. Recycled aluminium comprises 53% of the chair's components. The remaining materials are 98% recyclable.

Office swivel chair in compliance with EN 1335. Leather-covered armrests adjustable in height and width. Synchronised mechanism with large reclining angle, individual weight adjustment, locking device in upright position. Standard-equipped with height-adjustable lumbar support. Seat depth adjustment range 5 cm. Gas lift height adjustment. Flexible backrest with frameless construction: back panel with integrated head/neckrest, headrest automatically adapts to size and sitting position of user without pre-adjustment. Back panel made of polyamide. Twin backrest braces, height-adjustable armrests, armrest supports and five-star base made of polished aluminium, armrest pads covered in leather. Seat: polyurethane foam padding. Seat and backrest covers: perforated leather. Five-star base with hard or soft castors (ø 60 mm).