Libro Play table lamp

Table lights from Viaplant

Product description

How many fond memories can a person recollect connected to a place or the nature, be it a park, a walkway or meadows? Our LIBRO collection is not just lamps; they carry memories and evoke a plethora of emotions. An autumn cuvee of fallen leaves, flowers, plants, leaves naturally tinted as of a watercolour painting all incline us to relieve our bellowed memories.

Technical information:

LIBRO Play table lamp
Product code: 5101
Viaplant textures: 8 predefined variations available. Custom made patterns from specific/local plants can be implemented on request. Therefore, the available combinations are virtually endless.

Lignum blue
Lignum mix

Weight: 0,7 kg
Light source: E14 LED light (included)


The shades of Viaplant lights are created by making use of real plants. These plant components create unique textures formed by nature. An element derived from nature is accompanying us in our interior living spaces and by being translucent, they create a delicate, heartfelt mood once they are illuminated.

The characteristic of the Viaplant lamp collection is the exciting tension given by the rich organic characteristics of the plants, restrained in simple geometric forms. This geometry is not against but contrary; it forms an essential part of the nature. Should we zoom in on a selection of plant, we see repetitive forms, called fractals.

The forms of the lampshades are reflections of the precise order found in the nature and provide an exciting visualisation of the nature’s artistic accomplishments.

The Viaplant lamps are not just lamps for the sake of their own functionality. A second layer of the Viaplant material is the source of the plant and the story behind: experiences, memories, messages to convey.

The Viaplant brand is fundamentally defined by its philosophy, the “story concept”. The duality of form and function is complemented by a story that stems from the place of origin of the plants and the associated memories.

Plants from various locations tell us many things. They connect generations through the historical past and also effectively reflect on the present. They draw attention to environmental awareness, the value of the green space around us, the importance of the relationship between man and nature and the importance of our human relationships and the precious moments.

More about this product

Part of the collection TABLE LAMPS.
Manufacturer Viaplant
Family Libro
Architonic ID 20707561
Order number 5101
Year of Launch 2021

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