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Parklet 2.0
Parklet 2.0
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Hong Ngo-Aandal >, Johan Verde >, Studio Oslo Landscape Architects >
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Bicycle parking systems-Bicycle stands >

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Parklets 2.0 urban flooring extends pavements and provides more free space for people and plants. The series consists of six complete modules which can quickly be placed in a street area, and moved if wished. The modules have adjustable feet, so they can be adapted to different situations and height levels. Parklets 2.0 is suitable for projects where former parking areas are to be converted into social zones.

Parklets 2.0 are free-standing, and can be positioned individually or joined together. The signature plates provide an even transition from existing pavements. The steel details are hot-dip galvanised (901) and designed for long-term use. Choose from nearly 200 different RAL colours for powder coating (900). All screws and fittings are supplied in acid-resistant or stainless steel.

As standard, Parklets 2.0 come with high-quality, PEFC-certified pine from Scandinavia. Standard products in hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated steel are also available with wooden details in Kebony Radiata. Other types of wood are available on request

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PARKLETS 2.0 extends existing pavements to provide more space for people and plants. The range consists of six complete modules that can quickly be positioned in parking spaces that are no longer in use. The urban flooring is easy to move with an electric forklift and has adjustable feet so that it can be adapted to different situations and levels. The nonslip transition plates ensure a smooth join with the existing pavement.