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Framework: Armrests, backrests and seats are independent elements fixed to a varnished metal structure that acts as a base and support; this allows the different components to be taken apart and reassembled simply and rapidly, making the removal of covers and transport easier. Armrests, backrests and seats have a multi-layered wood and solid wood structure.

Padding: Armrests, backrests and seats are padded with differentiated density polyurethane and covered in polyester fibre coupled with cotton cloth. The pillows are filled with new goose and white duck down.

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Features: Rubik distinguishes itself thanks to its rigorous, compact, essential and elegant lines. It has a wide range of modular sofas, corner and side elements for a total of 37 modular units with different functions, which, freely combined, allow countless combinations to be obtained. In particular, any element with an armrest can be turned into a corner element; in the case of sofas with two armrests, one of the armrests can function as a corner element while the other armrest can act as a lateral element. The cushions backrests (cm. 57x57) that accompany the different elements are recommended for comfort; their number should be established with an eye to the intended use and the image the sofa should portray. The price list indicates the price of the basic sofa to which the chosen cushions backrests should be added. For practical purposes, the (minimum and maximum) quantities we deem suitable for each module of the collection are indicated in the price list. The cover is completely removable.