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Stardust Smooth square Plate
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Hinged door fittings-Handle backplates >
Hinged door fittings-Handle backplates >

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Polished brass, 18 x 18 cm (HxW)
Satin nickel, 18 x 18 cm (HxW)
Oil-rubbed bronze,18 x 18 cm (HxW)

Available in the following finishes: oil- rubbed bronze, nickel, polished and satin brass

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For me, the Stardust collection is like the unification of a new movement that is so special and dear to the Maison Vervloet, whom I have known and appreciated for years. This new collection is like a meeting of elements that are simultaneously timeless, elegant, seemingly simple, graphic and a little industrial – a true technical challenge – and I hope, very personal.
The "double zero" that currently characterises some parts of my creations, symbolises for me the new birth of sharing and union, as two entities that meet and become one. This symbolism has been stretched, transformed and then riddled with perforations that play a dual role: aesthetics and practicality (a better grip). - Stéphane Parmentier

The perforations waltz like new music or rhythmic movements over the various elements of the collection, which are completely interchangeable. I like this form of flexibility in the composition of a collection, an adaptability that embodies a new modernity for me.
The two finishes also make it possible to transform the collection into two distinct but complementary universes: the dark patinated bronze symbolises the night and a universe full of mysteries and the polished brass finish evokes the memory of the heat of the sun and its rays.