Product description

Smoke Factory
Materials: computer-cut and welded metal, matte paint,
machine washable Tyvek® diffuser, Velcro®
Colors: off-white, musty gray, dust blue, dirty yellow
Design: Bevk Perović Arhitekti
Light source: E27, 1x 45W Compact Fluorescent Lamp
V01013 5202 / off-white
V01013 5402 / dust blue
V01013 5502 / dirty yellow
V01013 5902 / musty grey
Typology: floor lamp
Light emision: diffused
IP rating: IP20

Product family



100% recyclable, 100% ironic, 100% iconic
Prototypical elements of suburbia transformed into central elements: icons for our homes.

The Smoke collection is a series of floor lamps based on scaled-down prototypical elements of suburbia – the factory and the house – isolated from their natural context and transformed into iconic additions for the home or office, belching "smoke", illuminating spaces and more. Floor lamps meant to light up living and working environments – to be useful and critical simultaneously – comment on our everyday lives, surrounded by pollution and consumption. Smoke lamps are a picture of our world transformed into a source of light, but they’re also a source of happiness and joy, around which the rituals of life can take place. They’re big enough to be used in both private and public spaces and are able to function independently or in combination in groups as small urban designs, emitting light through recyclable and easy-to-maintain Tyvek® "smoke" shapes.

Materials: computer-cut and welded metal, Tyvek® diffuser, Velcro®
Colours: off-white, musty gray, dust blue, dirty yellow
Available in custom RAL colour upon request