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Bio-ethanol burners CI/CI Wide
Unlimited design possibilities

Design your own recessed open fireplace with Vauni's CI-series of bio-ethanol burners

Vauni CI & CI Wide are bioethanol burners for those who want to design their own built-in open fireplace, but who are unable, unwilling or not allowed to install a chimney in their building. Expensive and complicated chimney installations are thereby consigned to the past. These burners are easy to use and install – just inserted into fireproof material. The version CI Wide has a broader flame and gives more heat.

Unique features include:
- Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.
- Minimum installation required.
- Adjustable flame size.
- Available in 2 sizes for high flexibility - CI and CI wide.
- CI Wide has extended flame width.

Bio-ethanol burner OF Wide
For those who have an open fireplace but want to avoid wood, soot and ash

Vauni OF Wide is a bio-ethanol burner that can easily be placed in an existing open fireplace. It suits people who are tired of dirt, soot and ash that come from burning wood. If necessary, and without installation, an existing open fireplace can be converted to bio-ethanol operation. The new technology’s advantages are thus gained in a comfortable way

Unique features include:
- Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.
- No installation required – just put in place.
- Adjustable flame size.
- Converts existing wood–fires to ethanol power.
- OF Wide has extended flame width.