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Move is a standing support and ideal for people working at an adjustable desk or behind a counter, who do not want to compromise on health and versatility. The height adjustable Move offers 360 degrees of movement and supports the body wherever it feels it needs to be. It keeps the spine in its natural, dynamic posture and takes off pressure of spinal disks while strengthening the back muscles. Supporting you half standing, half sitting, the angle between torso and thighs is grater than 90 degrees enhancing breathing. Through the constant natural movement tensions in back, neck and shoulders will be prevented while blood circulation and oxygen supply is activated.

Move is also ideal for children to use, and its innate abilty to provide movement helps children move freely and concentrate on whatever task is at hand.

Technical information:
Available in 3 different gaslift heights
Move – standard
Move II – standard but with smaller seat for small persons
Move Small – for children with lower gaslift, rubber sole
Available in natural beech, black stained beech, Move and Move II also in mocca stained beech
A variety of fabrics, leather and colors
Optional: rubber sole for slippery surfaces

H 49-68 cm, 56-82 cm, 65-87 cm.
The ingenious standing support. A multi purpose stool that lets the body move fully through 360°. Perfect as a standing support. Easy to use and light enough to move around with you. Has a comfortable saddle shaped seat, and adjustable gas-lift available in 3 heights.

Move™ II
H 49-87 cm, 56-82 cm, 65-87 cm.
Move™ with a smaller seat. Move™ II features a Move™ small seat with a normal Move™ plate and gas-lift. Available in the same heights as Move™: low, medium and high.

Move™ small
H 49-66 cm.
For children. Move™ small is ideal in a school situation or for use at home. Suitable for children 7+. Rubber sole is delivered as standard.