Key facts

Corner Guy
Corner Guy
van Esch
Ineke Hans
Architonic ID:
Hallway-Freestanding wardrobes
Hallway-Umbrella stands
Entrance/Reception-Umbrella stands
Wardrobes-Coat stands


‘I like clear visual images,’ explains Hans. ‘What’s more, a design has to be functional.’ Both elements are combined in Corner Guy. For this design she was inspired by the racks you often see in the changing rooms of sports clubs and schools. ‘They are kind of iconic; everybody immediately can picture them. It is their simplicity that appeals to me.’

Corner Guy is based on a similar simplicity. The function of the cloakroom system with umbrella stand is self-evident; however, the strong lines make the design quite striking all the same. ‘I like a certain playfulness, but a design should not only look wonderful, it should also be a realistic, saleable object. The functional aspect is intriguing me more and more. These days I see so many eye-catchers, I get a bit tired of it.’

The design is such that Corner Guy can easily be placed in a corner. It is handy in small, private spaces, but through its clear design it is also a perfect element for project design. The compact lines enable several to be placed together. Not only in a corner, but also separate against a wall.