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Le Crete Hexagon Terra Nera
Le Crete Classic
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Product description

17,5x20 cm - 6,88x7,87 inch
39x45 cm - 15,35x17,71 inch

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Handcraft, or “handmade” as in past times when artisans and artists worked these types of materials together with clay using their bare hands “by hand” and “warmed”, giving the object its form with the simple touch of the fingers and the pressure of the hands. Movements and structures depending of the skills of these artists, producing a simple yet exclusive product, each piece different from the others.

From this philosophy springs Le Crete.
A line of floor and wall tiles in glazed porcelain (in white) and with coloured body (in the other colours).

Thanks to the use of special materials, result of an accurate selection of raw materials and special technologies, as cold pressing the product, tiles are obtained with a surface apparently handmade, irregular, but ever calibrated, giving the product a touch of extreme artisan elegance.

Exquisite sizes, never granted. In fact we offer a selection of “alternative” sizes: small (17,5x20 - 6,88”x7,87”) and large (39x45 - 15,35”x17,71”) Hexagon. Octagonal (20x20 - 7,87”x7,87” with relevant dots) and plain tiles in size 20x20 - 7,87”x7,87” (Square). Plain dots and decorated dots are layed to obtain an effect of depth and a mix of unique stiles.
To further promote a large hexagon decoration (39x45 - 15,35”x17,71”) unique in its kind, we suggest a damask pattern (gold on a black background and silver on a white background) protected by a special glass-like covering (exceptional solution) making it suitable only in the case of private homes as floor tiles and, obviously as wall tiles.

Every piece is handmade!

We have increased the original “Le Crete Classic” range by introducing new sizes, jet cut and rectified, in: 10×10 (also available as decoration “Cementine”), 10×20 and a beautiful brick size: 5×20. These sizes give the opportunity to “play” with the modularity (even mixing all of them: 10×10, 10×20 and 5×20) but also singularly fixed! It’s really nice the brick size in 5×20, also mixed layed in all the colors, white, black, and grey.