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Cotton Waved Glossy Rosso Maranello
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13,2x40 cm - 5x16 inch
6,5x40 cm - 2,56x16 inch

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The lightness of cotton, and the possibility to form and deform it depending of the intensity of our hand on this cloth, has inspired us in the aesthetic characters of this project: COTTON.

In the version “plain”, white coloured, a matt surface is alternated with a shiny surface (7,5×15 – 3″x6″). In the version “waved” every centimetre of surface, ever different, alters irregular strokes, almost inflated, with others slimmer, changing again, never definitely and ever causal. The different mouldings, as in our project, makes every tile apparently unique, individual, guaranteeing a movement of surfaces original and never static… Playing with colours, using vivid tones, but also the possibility of using softer shades, in various finishing, integrating perfectly with the surroundings.

Double firing line, white body, wall tile. Produced using selected raw materials and exquisite glazes, bringing the colours of this collection to life and never granted. Thickness of the tile 9mm (0,35″), with a plain surface, in size 7,5×15 – 3″x6″, white, available in a glossy or matt finish; also in a structured version (waved), with 5 different mouldings mixed in the boxes.
Two sizes available: 7,5×15 – 3″x6″ (plain and waved) and 13,2×40 – 5″x16″ (waved only).