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alu square | aluminum top
alu square
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for indoor and outdoor use. 100% aluminum. aluminum sheet of 3 mm. alu square is assembled out of 3 aluminum panels: one top and two legs. Each panel has three finishes. _1 painted aluminum powdercoated with a blue hammerpaint uv-protective lacquer. _2 painted aluminum powdercoated with a green hammerpaint uv-protective lacquer. _3 industrial grinded showing the beauty of linear grinded aluminum, protected with beeswax. Due to the 3 different finishes of each panel, you have 3 different options for the assembled alu squares. 45 cm x 45 cm

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Once designed for the Marcel Breuer Building of The Metropolitain Museum in New York, Muller Van Severen’s alu square is a lightweight aluminum bench or side table that opens up a lot of possibilities. “We designed a shape that offers different interesting ways of putting the benches together, creating different sorts of structures in the room”, Hannes says. “We had a museum in mind, you know.” Yet the alu square bench doesn’t need a museum to feel at home. It can be put anywhere, inside as well as outside. Seeing that the design consists of nothing more than three aluminum plates, visions of minimalism cross the mind. ‘Create a maximum effect with a minimum of action’, the minimalists once claimed. This adagium fits the alu square’s profile. With only three colors used — aluminium, hammerpaint green and hammerpaint blue — this is a more subdued item within the Muller Van Severen range.