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No house is like any other. A renovated house from the early industrial era and the architecture of the 21st century can lie worlds apart. That‘s why UNILUX Meister windows have two different basic designs right from the start: Slanted and rustic. Your personal style can already be seen in the window contour itself. Slanted: Clear edges: This design concept was developed specifically for modern architecture, attractive for its cool, no-frills lines. Futuristic and stylish.

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Modern wooden windows only share a name with their„ancestors“. Good carpentry and appearance alone is no longerenough, because energy efficiency, safety and functionalitystandards have increased dramatically to meet today‘s customerneeds.That‘s why all UNILUX Meister windows are development projectsthat demonstrate intelligence and complex engineering.To be able to provide access to these masterpieces to morethan just a select few customers UNILUX mass-producesthem. That means it‘s possible for us to offer these uniquewood products at a price that makes top quality affordable.Wood gives a feeling of wellbeing. It‘s a unique material thathas lasted through all fashions and trends and has always inspiredcraftsmen and cabinetmakers to create beautiful works ofart and craftsmanship. Us, too. With a wood product fromUNILUX, you‘re always deciding on masterful design.You can see it if you look closely. The details make the difference.For example, the striker plates on the wood Meisterwindow, which we recess for flush mounting. The consistentelimination of unnecessary corners and edges gives the windowa charming appearance. And for the long term, too: Thevarnish contain special pigments that protect the wood fromUV radiation. That means you‘ll be able to enjoy the masterfulworkmanship for years.Wood as wood – Meister windows from UNILUX.