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Current Curtain Light Compositions
Current Currents
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Current Curtain gives you endless posibilities in compositions. Choose the number of modules and suspension wires to your wishes and vary in shapes and sizes. Also it is possible to add modules and wires to your collection in a later stage due to the modular railsystem.

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Electric current is often perceived as something frightening, but what would it be like if low voltage would be the new normal? Would we still be afraid to touch it? How can we implement electric components as part of the design, instead of hiding them? These are just some of the questions that VANTOT used as a guiding light while designing their new collection Current Currents. VANTOT based their collection on the idea that electric current is a fundamental part of our home interiors and appliances. It is often perceived as dangerous and, therefore, carefully tucked away into small boxes or thick, isolated cables. VANTOT takes a different approach by designing innovative, low voltage lighting objects that step away from the traditional concept of a lamp and a power cord. Instead, they design objects that and are fully conductive while safe to touch. Contemporary technologies, such as LED, are an important part of their design vision.