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Fischgrät Angolo
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Product description

Widths: 140 x 745 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
Top layer: 4 mm
Mid layer: 7 mm spruce
Backpull: 4 mm, in same wood species as top layer
Grading: placid / knotty

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In the development of TRAPA pattern floors the focus lay on reinterpreting ancient flooring patterns, that already adored 16th century palaces, castles and manors, in a modern way and thus lead them into the 21st century. The design is based on three herringbone patterns – Spigolo, Angolo, Obliquo – characterized by generous formats, modified angles and contemporary TRAPA colours. In flare light the brushed texture together with the herringbone pattern creates fascinating light- and shadow effects turning every room into something special.

TRAPA floors don’t merely receive a trivial surface finish, but are rather treated from deeply within the wood’s pore system with heat, pressure, lye & oil. Through this method wood ingredients react in a natural way, developing wonderful, durable colour shades from within and sustainably protecting the floors from soiling and wearing with natural oil on top. In this way TRAPA floors only become more and more beautiful with use.

Perfectly attuned to TRAPA planks in colour, texture and construction, TRAPA pattern floors are a convenient tool for designers revitalizing the flooring culture and adding exciting design highlights.

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Wood needs time and a deep understanding of its materiality to truly reveal its innate beauty. TRAPA invests not only these, but also top-notch craftsmanship, in its products, which marry the contemporary and the functional with the compellingly