Product description

boomer line 1200 3000K
white painted T86H8DWL
black painted T86H8DZL

boomer line 1200 2700K
white painted T86H7DWL
black painted T86H7DZL

boomer line 1800 3000K
white painted T86H10DWL
black painted T86H10DZL

boomer line 1800 2700K
white painted T86H9DWL
black painted T86H9DZL

boomer line 2400 3000K
white painted T86H12DWL
black painted T86H12DZL

boomer line 2400 2700K
white painted T86H11DWL
black painted T86H11DZL


1200/1800/2400 mm x max h 2500 mm

Product family


Boomer's minimalistic shape looks like a frozen movement. Its waved shape creates an elegant contrast with the architectural lines of interiors and objects. It can be hung horizontally in balance or at an angle out of balance. A group of lamps enhances the characteristic curves. Boomer can be placed directly above a dining table, home or office workspace. The highly efficient led-light smoothly curves along with the lamp shape.

Dimmable on request
Size: 1450 x 25 x 120 mm
max wattage and lamp holder: 28W LED
Available colors and codes: T86H1DWL 3000K white painted, T86H1DZL 3000K Black painted, T86H2DWL 2400K white painted, T86H2DZL 2400K black painted