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Squashed, squeezed, distorted and moulded into a flatter blob, Melt’s extraordinary luminosity has found new applications on wall, ceiling or floor. With its instantly recognisable metallised effect, this latest evolution of Melt is now destined to be mounted on any surface and is rated for both indoors or outdoors, from the bathroom to the ballroom. The versatility of the new shade is further enhanced by the soft glow of a new bulb. Truly there is now a MELT for every occasion.
Dimensions: Width: 50cm/19.6in Height: 50cm/19.6in Depth: 28cm/11in

MESS01CHEU: Lighting UK/EU Fittings
MESS01CHUL: Lighting USA Fittings

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A series of distorted spherical pendants, half-metallised to create an extraordinary optic effect and cast an ethereal luminosity on their surroundings. Tom Dixon crushed by Front.