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The new office luminaire range XT-S owes its appeal to the very slim and elegant design of the lamp head.

The direct/indirect light distribution of the floor lamps is designed to ensure optimal and efficient lighting of both the task area and the room. The luminaires are dimmable.

By using ‘Tunable White’ with a colour temperature range of 2,700 to 6,500 K, warm-white to daylight-white light is emitted harmoniously depending on the time of day. The luminaires thus meet the very latest requirements in terms of flexibility and biodynamic light.

An integrated constant light controller and motion detector provide additional convenience and help optimise power consumption.

Using the remote control supplied, the luminaires can be adapted to different requirements by setting them to different modes.

Besides the floor lamps, the range also includes suspension and wall lamps and various table adaptations. The floor, suspension and wall fittings are available in charcoal and white, XT-S PLATE in the four colours white, charcoal, sand and titan.