Product description

227W, 2G11, 220-240V


The GO XT CEILING and WALL luminaires are fitted with the same newly developed light panels with OSA*-Technology as the GO XT FLOOR & TABLE. They boast the same advantages in terms of efficiency, glare reduction and user-friendly cleaning and maintenance. This range comprises dimmable and non-dimmable direct/indirect fixtures using T16 39W and 54W lamps.

GO XT FLOOR is an optimally deglared and sensor-controlled office floor lamp by Tobias Grau that helps cut energy consumption in the office by at least half. Select colours and various fine surfaces give the lamp a sense of lightness and elegance.
– optimal deglaring thanks to a new OSA light panel (open-structure antiglare) minimised power consumption thanks to the lamp’s high efficiency factor
– integrated motion sensor and automatic dimming depending on the ambient lighting
– minimised maintenance costs: the lamp head is open at the top and bottom and has no dust cover; thus making it easier to replace the light sources and avoiding visible soiling. The resulting optimal operating temperature prolongs the life of the light sources