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A floor lamp for illuminating the entire room.
With the focus on light quality, the simple appearance of the VITAWORK ® deliberately avoids superfluous elements. The clear lines blend into any room environment and enhance its value. All materials used underline the high quality standards and are recyclable.

Uniform light for every room size.
VITAWORK® is available with a luminous flux of 7,000, 12,000, 17,000 lumen depending on the size of the room. 4,000 Kelvin colour temperature provides standard-compliant working light with a colour reproduction index of Ra > 80. The combination of direct and indirect lighting enables particularly uniform illumination, which is also very energy-efficient. Depending on the application VITAWORK® meets the requirements of DIN EN 12464-1 as well as ASR 3.4.

The new VITAWORK® HCL with a light spectrum of 2,700 Kelvin to 6,500 Kelvin promises Human Centric Lighting, light that is adapted to the natural day-night rhythm of humans.

Modern LEDs provide either asymmetrical or symmetrical light distribution. The asymmetrical light distribution uses the ceiling glare to provide sufficient ambient light.

The heart of all LUCTRA® luminaires is the patented VITACORE® electronics in combination with a high-quality touch panel. In addition to the switch-on and switch-off function, both direct and indirect light can be infinitely dimmed. In addition, the free-standing luminaire can be controlled via a presence and luminous intensity sensor on request. This also contributes to energy efficiency.

In addition to the comprehensive standard range, individual project adaptations are possible, for example with regard to surface colours, USB connections, sizes and dimensions.

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VITAWORK® is designed for illuminating the entire office room with direct and indirect light. The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

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