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W 2000 × D 900 × H 720
W 2200 × D 900 × H 720
W 2400 × D 900 × H 720
W 2600 × D 900 × H 720
W 2800 × D 900 × H 720
W 3000 × D 900 × H 720
W 3200 × D 900 × H 720

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The new possibilities of metals such as brass, bronze and aluminum were found in the sharp form where there is softness portrayed. The new table was completed by a casting technology that builds beautifully, strongly and efficiently. The design reduces the decoration limitlessly and minimizes the parts by using a common mold which realizes the simplification of assembling just a few parts. The tough metal leg supports the large top of solid wood, which enables its use in a public space.
The shape was achieved by the pursuit of a design and structure which resulted in a smooth fitness and fine beauty by creating the combination of straight lines and curves. The aluminum which has high workability, such as brass and bronze is lightweight, used for money, musical instruments and for Buddhist altar fittings which have been used for a long time. With these materials existing within the everyday life of people, it is thought that manufacturing by positive technique, lined in the design and tradition, not to make a show of eccentricity, rather simplicity, is the origin of the product.

The metal legs remind us of the wings of the airplane which has a solid wood top which is strong and thin and gives the impression of a lighter than air real time weight. The horizontal and vertical straight cross lines along with the straight and curved cross lines and curved surface give off a quiet presence. You may select the top material from either solid wood or glass, the legs from bronze or aluminum, it’s your choice.