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S 774
S 774
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Design: Thonet in cooperation with Kegelmann Technik A re-design of Eddie Harlis’ S 664 from 1954

The S 774 – Re-Design of A Classic Chair
The S774 is based on a classic design: the S 664 chair, designed by Eddie Harlis in 1954 for Thonet. The original S 664 moulded wood seat shell has been subtly re- designed, resulting in a more contemporary, angular outline compared to the original elliptic shape. Much effort has been invested in increasing the chair’s comfort. The new seat shell is broader and ergonomically shaped, allowing more freedom of movement and also a diagonal posture. Additionally, the shell’s contours are rounded, which also contributes to the chair’s comfort. The connection between the seat shell and the wire frame is invisible.

The S 774 – A Totally New Production Method in Furniture Design
There is a reason why the seat shell’s glossy curved lines are reminiscent of luxury cars: the innovative RTM technique is a method deriving from the automotive sector. Kegelmann, a medium-sized company based in Rodgau (Germany) and Thonet are the first manufacturers to transfer this new method to the area of chair production. Carbon fibre reinforcement and a plastic core element are placed in a specially developed aluminium mould into which transparent epoxy resin is injected. The materials bond completely, creating what is known as a ‘composite’ in the industry. Usually, this method is applied in automobile production and other industries.

In furniture production, this is a new technique that creates something like a ‘behind glass’ effect, which defines the chair’s special high-tech aesthetics. The technique also allows working with very thin materials; the thinnest part of the S 774 is only 3mm. The transitions between materials of varying thickness create an especially elegant flow of lines. In combination with a smooth, high gloss finish, the S 774 is a collector’s item that will retain its value and individual character.