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An all-time favourite with a strong personality, relaunched today as the synthesis of a design that is simple and sober and, at the same time, rich in substance. Its quality is revealed in the skilful working of the wood used for the tops, whether untreated or enamelled in matte or glossy polyester finish, in combination with the bases in polished aluminium, with which, by simply changing the position and the number, the many available aesthetic and functional variations may be created. The uniqueness and distinction of the series is guaranteed by the unmistakable double ’T’ shape clearly visible in the section of the loop-type bases, in a fusion of aluminium, mirror-polished on the visible surface, and in the diagonal joints between the segments of the top, accentuated by the steel profile. There are two different heights: the lower version further emphasises the length and grandeur of the product, fitting perfectly with the horizontal elements of the modern office and their corresponding chairs. The taller version, meanwhile, enables the chairs to be changed around and the tables to be used as normal desks. There are various shapes, with the longer tables characterised by a rounded central part and ends designed to meet and the round tables created with connecting edges on the circumference. Top finishes: mahogany and teak, all treated to maintain their natural, open-grain surface, in addition to the enamelling indicated above. The system is completed with Cento cabinets, which are available in the various wood finishes and in different heights and types.