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Design in its purest form joins forces with new working habits - hence the product, which, in the course of its 40+ years, has survived intact the various trends and technologies, is proposed once again today, more valid than ever, as an alternative to the complications of the office world without neglecting the new demands.
Based on the logic of a highly versatile and reduced range of components, from corner supports to panel bases, from modular partitions to strictly rectangular worktops, the collection places emphasis on space-saving and aims to provide internal design solutions in which simplicity and neatness of form combine with functionality.
In Graphis it is the detail that makes the difference, while the forms, including those with an extremely complex design, are enhanced by the minimalist character of the collection. Thus we can appreciate the bases in folded sheet metal with concealed welded joints or the lightness of the worktops, held detached from the bases to lighten the appearance of the product; thus we can comprehend the planning efforts made in order to render the frame of the dividing panels increasingly thin while providing firm support for the worktops and equipment in the construction of the classic clusters; and thus, lastly, we can fully evaluate the entire project, in its simple complexity and with its logic of conglomeration: from the simple individual workstation to the long shared workstations, from the panel compositions to the lines of workstations; a universe of solutions open to the interpretation of the designer for the variety of the components available and the wide choice of finishes.
The worktops are available in melamine: white, light grey, dark grey, light oak, and graphite oak; the bases and the frames of the dividing panels are available in white, light grey and dark grey finish combined with fabric, melamine or fume glass. The accessories add a touch of colour, echoing the colours of the matching Basic cabinets and drawer units in white, light grey, dark grey, kiwi green, yellow ochre and orange.