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TECEsystem prefabricated wall modules
TECEsystem prefabricated wall modules
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System construction – prefabricated wall modules provide reliability in planning
In residential buildings, both new and modernised, planning reliability, speed and perfectly harmonised interfaces are important. For around 20 years, TECE has therefore offered the industrial assembly of building services components in complete wall modules.
These walls are produced in the TECE plant to the individual requirements of the project and are delivered to the construction site “just in time”. Experienced TECE project managers support the projects from planning through to installation of the systems on the construction site.

Industrial prefabrication
A TECEsystem unit consists of a stable supporting frame that already contains all the sanitation technology and the pipes for potable and waste water, heating, ventilation and, if required, power supply. In contrast to the conventional assembly of individual products, TECE supplies ready-to-connect systems directly to the construction site. The standardisation of industrial assembly results in reliability in costing and improvements in quality. Costs and timeline are known from the start and are adhered to one hundred percent: This means reliability for costs and deadlines.
The big advantage of this procedure is the time saved – and it particularly pays off in the modernisation of occupied buildings. Experiences have shown that in a three- or four-storey residential building, the refurbishment of bathrooms with wall modules takes around half as long as with the conventional method.
This means less debris for tenants, and less loss of rent for landlords. But in new building projects, too, the use of prefabricated systems means that a building can be occupied sooner. Building clients and planners can rest assured that all noise insulation and fire protection requirements are met in every apartment, because these are taken into consideration during prefabrication.
As a manufacturer of flushing technology, pre-wall systems, pipes and drainage technology, TECE offers all the components needed for a sanitary installation. This means all components of a TECEsystem are perfectly tailored to each other and tested.

All-round support
TECEsystem units are made-to-measure and therefore meet the individual requirements of building clients. With its flexible pre-wall system, TECE can meet every requirement. In the project planning phase, the TECE project managers provide advice and help to determine the degree of prefabrication. TECE then creates the ground plans and profiles of the walls, as well as the pipeline network plans and tile pattern plans based on the building client’s requirements. Every sanitary unit is then manufactured with the same – industrial – precision.
On the day of installation, TECE supplies the ready-to-connect systems directly to the construction site in resealable containers. On the site, the systems just need to be anchored in the building walls and the rising pipes of the floors above connected to each other. TECE engineers are on site if required and provide training for the system fitters.