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TECEsquare stainless steel WC flush button
TECEsquare WC flush button
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TECEsquare metal
The TECEsquare WC flush button takes a new approach: The rectangular metal plate, just two millimetres thick, covers the unavoidable inspection opening accessing the technical components – and at the same time offers full functionality.
The metal plate forms the basis for the minimalist design; it has clear geometric subdivisions. This produces two button areas, the sizes of which represent the flush volumes: On the left, the large flush, on the right the small flush at the touch of a button – it’s self-explanatory. In the wall installation frame, the metal plate is mounted on the wall.
Plates made of brushed stainless steel, and metal plates in white and chrome are available. The stainless steel variant has an abrasion-resistant, anti-fingerprint coating for a perfect finish.
The TECEsquare metal range is supplemented by urinal flush buttons, the form and colour of which match the toilet flush buttons.

TECEsquare glass
TECEsquare in glass offers the option of flush-mounted installation. With the help of a mounting frame, this flush button can be flush-mounted into the tile pattern, natural stone slabs and also fine rendered walls practically seamlessly. Alternatively, mounting on the wall is possible.
This toilet flush button combines common glass colours with metal surfaces. The glass colours are based on sanitary equipment and electronic switch ranges. The button sizes make the dual-flush technology self-explanatory.
Coordinated urinal flush buttons made of glass round out the range and allow bathrooms and sanitary facilities to have a standardized design. Like the toilet flush buttons, the buttons for the urinal can be flush-mounted or wall-mounted.